Alpenklub Sport Pansion

Pansion ALPENKLUB located in Präbichl about 70 km from Graz, on 1230 m above sea level, 150 meters from the ski slopes. In front of the building there is parking for guests, and behind the building is a large free parking for cars and buses.
Pansion type is family-owned and the staff speaks Croatian - Serbian, Hungarian, English and German. Accommodation is ideal for school groups and larger companies.

  • pansion
  • 71
  • 150m
  • Prabichl
  • Vordernberg
  • Austria

Präbichl has excellent alpine winter climate for skiing . As a result, a few years ago, when many ski centers had a problem with the snow, all the time there was enough snow for ideal skiing. Club pansion "Alpenklub" was built near the ski slopes. From the ski slopes it is separated only by the public parking "P2". The total length of ski trails is 20 km, with 3 seated lifts, and 3 tow with "anchor" + baby rubber band. Ski lifts are modern, trails professionally maintained every night, snow cannons are installed.

Directly behind the pansion, next to the parking lot through the mountain goes a bicycle path . This is 14 km long, with a vertical drop of 389 m, among medium heavyweight trails. Nearby there are plenty of similar trails for both beginners and for those in excellent condition. In the area of the nearby mines mountenbike race is held: Erzberg Trophy .

Only a few hundred meters away, there are two peaks suitable for Nordic Walking . The easiest route during the summer is an easy stroll through the surrounding ski slopes and a tour of a small lake in winter, which is used to make artificial snow. It's a beautiful activity because of the ease and because of the many natural beauties that can be seen only when one has time for himself, for family and for nature. Another possibility is the route to the top of the mountain Polster. From the pansion to the top, for those more experienced hikers it takes about 2 hours but this route is also feasible for beginners.

Via Ferrata, kind of new style of climbing to the general public, which is extremely safe. Participants climb paths that are secured by cables and ropes by an expert team of experienced climbers. A great opportunity for everyone who wants to experience the magic of climbing in safe conditions. They make the paths of various categories, A, B, C, D, E, and everyone selects depending on fitness and courage.

For lovers of parachuting Präbichlis a true paradise. There is also still the steepest funicular in Austria, which reaches up to the top. It works in the summer and the mountain top Polster at a height of 1911 m is bleak, treeless, so there is more safe places to go paragliding.

The largest former iron mine in Europe is at 6km from the pansion. There was applied surface excavation, and it creates artificial serpentine pyramidal shape. The mine is no longer profitable and serves as a tourist attraction. In recent years, this attraction has held most serious motocross racing event in Europe, which is regularly transmitted by "Eurosport". Consider just the fact that from 1000 participants the ones that finish the race are about 20 competitors! In addition to participants from Dakar race, the event is attended by all important, world-renowned factory motocross team. The race is called Erzbergrodeo.

Rafting , an increasingly popular sport, lifting adrenaline and forging team spirit. River "Salza" is half an hour away from the guest house. A small village, Palfau - which is located about 30 km away - is the main starting point of rafting. There is excellent cooperation with the organizer of the rafting tours, at lower prices than individual. Boats to book 2-3 days in advance, for 2,3,4,6,8 persons. Rafting tours are organized from April 25th to October 15th.

Excursions to nearby sites

Wasserspielpark – water amusement park

The interactive water park. An excellent day trip for the whole family. Park offers lots of activities for the children from mini rafting on little rivers to water mills, gold mining, blacksmith shop, boat rentals, playgrounds. The ideal time for student groups and families. A day trip with memories that are recounted to their peers. Distance 40 km.

Zoo where the animals are in their natural environment, so that visitors do not visit the zoo on foot, but watch the animals from the air, from the cable car that goes over the whole park. Here is one of the longest summer bob tracks in Austria, the length of over 1,200 m. To whom this is not enough, there is a small amusement park. Distance, about 35 km from ALPENKLUB pansion.

Iron mine, where once was exercised surface excavation today ores are mined only from the mountain. Mining company organizes visits to the interior of the mine in small train, accompanied by light and sound effects. Surface mine is in fact in the form of huge stone serpentine. There is a tour organized with rearranged plateau huge mining trucks. A rare opportunity for children and for adults to ride these monsters. Distance, 6 km.

Waterfalls near the river Salza. The trip is suitable for all ages, as there is very safe trail, built along the system of the falls . Distance, 45 km.
Be sure to bring along the camera!

Bathing area with indoor and outdoor pools, a Finnish sauna, aromatherapy, tepidarium, massage. In the days of holiday allow yourself extra relaxation ...
Distance, 7 km.

Mining town with its old buildings and beautiful surroundings provides an opportunity for a casual stroll.
Distance, 7 km.

City of culture. There are so many things to say, so we recommend you visit the tourist site of the city Graz.
Distance, 70 km.

The most famous pilgrimage for the people of the Roman Catholic religion in Central Europe. Every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit this place. Pope Benedict XVI's visited Mariazell in 2007, and the late John Paul II was here.
Distance, 90 km.

Präbichl is an Alpine ski and recreation center in Austria, located about 70 km from Graz. Präbichl can be reached from all directions by highway, except for the last 25 km. The place is located at 1227 m above sea level, in the valley between the mountains Polster (1911 m) and Eisenerzer Reichestein (2166 m), near the biggest - former - European iron mine which was exploited by surface excavation. After shutdown of the mine, the local government has invested a lot in the development of tourism in this region, so that local people had a source of income. The main investment was the expansion and modernization of existing ski trails. Präbichl today is primarily a modern ski center, but offers a number of other activities.

• Pansion ALPENKLUB is located in Präbichl about 70 km from Graz, at 1230 m above sea level, 150 meters from the ski slopes. In front of the pansion there's a parking lot for guests, and behind the building there is a large free parking for cars and buses.

• The building "Alpenklub" was renovated in 2008. Total accommodation capacity of building is 71 beds. Pansion "Alpenklub" rooms are for 4-6 persons. Rooms are simply furnished, clean and tidy. Primarily recommended for school groups and larger companies.
• The beds are mostly bunk, but in limited numbers we offer family rooms, with double bed + bunk bed. Each room has its own bathroom, which is equipped with shower and toilet. Mattresses, quilts, linens, sheets and pillow are available to guests, but towels should be taken by yourselves!

• The ground floor is a restaurant - dining room, which is used exclusively by guests of Alpenklub. Meals are organized by the system of self-service. This proved to be practical and fast. After dinner, dining room is used for socializing, playing cards, dancing and so on. In the pension club-type atmosphere is relaxed, the house rules are not rigorous. Drinks from home can be consumed in the restaurant, the coffee maker can be prepared, as well as mulled wine, but smoking is prohibited inside the whole building!

• Game room is equipped with table soccer and ping-pong table. Guests can use all the facilities free of charge, as well as the Internet.

•The room for ski equipment is equipped with special stander for ski boots. It is connected to the heating system, so the shoes, up in the morning, are dry and warm.


  • 35€/person/night halfboard

Groups discount

  • 32€/person/night/ halfboard for more then 20 persons
  • 28€/person/night/ halfboard for more then 40 persons
  • 30€/person/night/ halfboard for between 20 and 40 persons


  • For group of 20 persons 1 gratis is approved
  • For every additional 10 persons 1 gratis is given